Saturday, January 19, 2013

What an amazing people and place!

Sister Bird and Chantel Cupid

Sister Bird and Plum Rose Fruit...It is very good!

 Relief Society Work Meeting. Sister Small, Sister Paris, Sister Jackson, Sister Wiley

Chantel and Ronique...Ronique is completing her mission papers!

 Jockey with Elder Bird. Elder Bird is on the left.

Sister Fish, Sister Bird and Sister Butler. Sister Butler was the first Caucasian sister missionary in the West Indies Mission. She is going home next Wednesday. Sister Fish was the first Caucasian sister missionary on the island of Grenada. They love their mission and the people and the people really love them.

We don't ever have to worry about being transferred to new companions like the young sisters and elders! That was a great relief to us when we first got here !   :)

Our 2 sister and 6 elders on a bamboo bridge on the path to Dark View Falls

 Dark View Falls and Bright View Smiles

 Whoops! The sisters ran out of gas. 45 minutes and $75 EC later, we were on our way home again.

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