Monday, October 29, 2012

Gardens, Chickens, Rabbits and Sweet People

Sister Bird with Sister Gracie Woodley. She is almost 100% self sufficient growing most of her own food. She also raises goats, rabbits, and chickens. The goats here smell just like the goats at home. :) Yep, really stinky!

 Gracie is holding a peanut plant she just pulled out of the garden. It takes about three days for them to dry before they are ready to eat.
 Danisha Shallow was really proud of her rabbits.
 Goldie and Danny Shallow with cute kids. The chickens are from the Food Initiative that Brother and Sister Henderson from Idaho Falls worked so hard in implement. This project blessed the lives of 25 families in the two branches. They are selling eggs and broiler chickens. They make a little money and also buy more chicken feed and baby chicks to keep the project going. This was a massive project to get approved, funded, organized and completed. It took over a half a year from start to getting the coops built and the chickens in them. The people love and really miss Clive and Arlene Henderson. They left a great legacy of love and caring here in St. Vincent.
 Sister Wiley and Sister Bird. This little doll is a gift for her granddaughter. It didn't take Sister Bird long to tap into the sewing and arts and crafts culture here in St. Vincent. She is already shopping for a sewing machine. We even bought "buttons for yoyo's" today. I am living with thread and cloth and fuzz all over everything here just like I did at home!

Branch Independence Day Celebration. St. Vincent received it's independence from Great Britian in 1979. The party started at 8 am and ended at 4:30 pm. This was a veeerrryyy looonnnggg paaarrrtttyyy! :)

Dominos is very, very popular here. They don't just lay the dominos down gently, they SLAM them down with gusto and a loud BANG! It is fun to watch. There were several games going on at different tables all around the deck. The food was good...rice cooked with beans and chicken (it is called pilow) and fresh green salad and fresh fruit drink.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 Elder Wilson - Finding "Lost Sheep"
 Real flower bouquet of lilies. They don't smell but they sure are beautiful!
Men building a fruit stand along the road. Yes this is a grass thatched construction at it's best. The fresh, sweet bananas cost 8 cents a piece. The fruit is all tree and vine ripened and tastes amazing.
We are eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and we are walking a lot. I have lost 10 lbs without trying hard. I have calculated that if I lose 10 lbs a month for our entire mission...23 months...I will weigh -10 lbs when I get home!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Week Has "Flown By"

Three Pretty Ladies Walking to Church
Sister Pollard and Rhea (4) and Abby (5)
The Branch President took this picture of us teaching our Sunday School class. Note the great outdoor classroom...shade and sea breeze and a palm tree...but no coconut drinks.  :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Glimpses of the work in St. Vincent

Calliqua Chapel -There are usually three cars in the parking lot...the missonary cars. Almost everyone walks to church. Old people, pregnant mamas, little kids...and it is hot and humid and up steep hills!
 Kingstown Chapel
 View from Calliqua Chapel - From the front rows of the chapel, you can see only the boats and water and the island of Bequea in the distance. Guess where I sit?  :)
 We took Rashon and Leston to the airport. They were leaving for their missions. Makes three missionaries from one little branch! Grandma said this was her first picture, ever!
Is this wonderfully amazing or what? Great young men with strong testimonies. The strong members are amazing Book of Mormon scholars. These Elders have worked side by side with the missionaries on splits and a mini-mission for almost two years! They are ready to serve! We are with the missionaries a lot visiting members and participating in discussions with investigators. What wonderful experiences. We miss and love you. Elder and Sister Bird  p.s. We are working hard everyday and we are not on a vacation as it may appear. We promise!

P Day - Taking Missionaries to Bequia

On Bequia Ferry. One hour ride to the first island in the Grenadines. The capitol city, Kingstown, is in the background. We live in the hills on the right side of the picture.

Sister Bird with missionaries on ferry to Bequia.

Under a coconut tree on beach in Bequia.

This island is incredibly beautiful!

Hawk Bill Turtle...wanted us to pat his head! We are on the island of Bequia in the Grenadines.

Iguana hunters selling their live lizards!

Iguana season is in "full swing"! We are not hungry for iguana today. We are looking for Kentucky Fried Chicken because we want to eat something that "tastes like chicken"!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shameeka with her children Katie and Anthony. Her father, Brother Hector, has been a member for one year. We were privileged when he asked us to help him with his first sacrament meeting talk which he will deliver Sunday, October 12, 2012. What a sweet, choice experience!
 I, with cutless in hand, am planting a banana tree! Stanley had me use the cutless to rake the dirt around the banana plant. Wow! In six months we will be eating our very own bananas!
 Cutlesses are used like pliars here. Everyone of note owns several. :)
Sister Bird planted a banana tree also. She thinks she will be
harvesting bananas in five months. We'll see about that!
Stanley and Ronald building a drying hut. Stanley is a member.
Ronald is not...he speaks four languages and studied art in Europe.
Stanley carves designs in coconuts and sells them to tourists. He offered us
a very good price so guess what you are getting for Christmas!
 Jeremiah with his dad and mom. Another family on top of the mountain.
Children of God, but not members yet! 

Our view of the carribean!

Our home away from home and our Rav4 car.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Eating Iguana is......well interesting. This is a cooked leg with the skin still on it. A branch member, Keishore, burnt the skin for peeling, skinned, cleaned and then cooked the iguana for us. All 10 of the missionaries tried the lizard meat. I don't think it tastes like chicken, tastes like iguana...I think!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Family Home Evening with the Smalz (small) family. Guess what game we played?
DON'T EAT PETE!! They loved it! The boy in the blue shirt is named Josh and the boy next too him is named Donlee!

Iguana Hunting Season just opened and the young Elders got this for us. A lady in the branch is going to cook it for us. We'll let you know if it really does taste like chicken!