Saturday, March 30, 2013

More From Saint Vincent

 3 great Friends - Brother Small and Brother Williams
 Finding Stanley Drakes Family History - We met his 90 year old Aunt Colithda
 Brother Drakes is off to the Santa Domingo Temple but to get there he had to fly to Panama City and then to the Dominica republic!
 We "delivered" Ronique Forbes to her 6 week mini mission with Sister Crompton!

 Sister Rock is a Spiritual Baptist and a whole lot of shakin' goes on in their meetings. They sing, ring bells, speak in tongues, roll on the floor and really get in to it!
 At Raw-wa-cou Beach

 Catchin a goat with a rope loop on a long stick. Those goats are so smart!
 The view of the beach from our deck!
 I am picking up seashells on the seashore!
 Elder Bird on the balcony of our new apartment.
 Family History with sister Matthews and little Mariah!
 A humming bird feeder carved out of a coconut shell. I love it!
Elder Bird with josh and Xavie (Zauvy)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sister Bird, Sister Mehr, Sister
Sister Mehr is Mission President's wife...

                    Elder Bird with Elder Ramkissoon, from Guyana and Elder Peck from Carey, Idaho!

                                                            Kingstown St.Vincent at night.

                         Sunbeam Primary class March 3, 2013. They sure are cute and very lively!

Coconut Tree forests...very beautiful!

Banana tree plantation.

Healthy chickens from the food initiative. Pres. and Sister Young's home. Great people and Eternal Friends.

More beautiful "Gaps and Villages" on the drive up the windward Atlantic side of the island.

We meet some very amazingly, friendly people and they love to share their lives with us.

Grandma Kathy (Sister Bird) loves all of the flowers. They bloom year around in this tropical paradise.

Mary Ann has been practicing writing on this board with chalk! So cute!

Yellow rock in the road to prevent people from driving over a weak area in the bridge. Yes, you just drive around the rock!

The police station downtown Kingstown. We got our driver's licenses here. Missionaries also have to get police reports when they are transferred to other countries in the mission. (11 countries in the mission)

 Young Single Adult "men's section" arm wrestling

"Rasta religion is common here. This is a hat they use to tuck their hair in. Some of there hair is over
 6 FOOT long.

At Young Island across Indian Bay. We are moving to this bay in April. Yes, right on the beach. Hey we work very hard and if you live by the ocean you should have a house on the beach! Right?

Our missionaries at lunch and birthday party after our weekly district meeting. They are amazing young people and we really admire them. Their parents should be very proud of them. Heavenly Father is!

More of our "new family of friends" at the Calliaqua Chapel after church. Not a bad view, huh!

Grandma Sister Kathy Bird making a soft taco shell. They put chick peas and chicken in them and they are pretty good. 

Walking a trail to visit some members.