Sunday, May 26, 2013

A month with Mom on a mini-mission!!!

 A baptism at Canash beach the first day she was here! 
 Baptisms in the ocean are awesome. All baptisms are awesome!
 Visiting with the LaBordes! We love them!
 And another baptism the next week!!!
Everyone loves our Mamma!
 A pirate ship comes into our bay!
 Shopping at the fruit market!

 She gets pretty tech-y here so she can talk to family at home! I could hardly get time with the I-pad with MOM around!!! lol
 Families at church
 Shopping on Middle Street
 Mmmmmm What looks good???
 Do you need your shoe fixed by a cobbler?
 More shopping for an island dress!
 Mom at Sugar Reef with her two "sugars"!
 Riding the ferry to Bequia (Beck-way)

 Rawacou Beach
 Rawacou Salt Pond
 She loves being with her boys!
 Sister Cupid and Annie on Mother's Day
 We brake for goats.....and sheep......and iguana
 The McDowell family and neighbors
 She was a trooper climbing mountain paths to go visit people!
 McDowells live at the top with no electricity or running water!
 The Beautiful Botanical Gardens

 Black Point Tunnel dug by slaves out of the lava rock!
 More beaches. We live in the next house past the white building.
 Catching waves!

 Zion and Grandma
 Moriah and Grandma
Zion and Mary Ann came running - yelling "Grandma! Grandma!"
Everyone can hardly wait for her to return!!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Two weeks at home and the PARTY was on!!!

It is wonderful being on a mission but, being away from the family is hard.  We had some real special events that we needed to go home for. We have been SOOO Blest!
First stop was Salt Lake for a triplet stop! Dallin, Mackenzi, and Madison!
Four generations with Jack and Julie's family!
 Four generations with Rob and Jill's family!
Kenzington May, number 46 grandchild, 1 week old! 
 Every party has a lot of food and grandchildren!
 London May was born while we in the MTC. She loved Grandpa but was not so hot on Grandma at first!
 Grandpa checked the boys out of school and they were off to the desert!
 Justin, the missionary!
 Julie and Jack were married in the Idaho Falls Temple!
 More Triplet fun!

Katrina and Justin went to the Temple for the 1st time! They will be "sealed" soon.

Betty with her favorite older brother!
 Blessing day for Kenzington May!
 She is wearing the blessing dress that my little girls wore on their blessing day! 
Being a grandmother is so Wonderful!!
 Look out the train is coming! Jake, Austin and Brigham.
 Josh, Ella Bell and London May!
 Payton, Ashlyn and Meagan!
 Some people's kids are funny lookin!
 The oldest and the youngest! Grandma Shirley and Kenzington May!
Jill, Brigham and Becca!