Wednesday, November 28, 2012

80+ Degrees...It doesn't seem like Christmas!

I am having a great conversation with Peter who is "hanging out" in this old truck which is dangling dangerously on the edge of a VERY STEEP hill. He said he enjoys the cool breezes and the view from his perch. He also has an Ipod and is listening to music. He said he does go to church. He invited me to have a seat next to him. I politely said, "No Thanks"! He invited us to drop by and visit him again. :)

Notice which side of the road we are driving on. Piece of Cake! We gas up at the Shell station on the left. The airport is the green building on the right. We flew out of here to Barbados three weeks ago and will be flying to Trinidad in January for Couples Conference.
Very large cruise port for 12 hours. 4000 people from Great Britian are cruising the streets of Kingstown. We visited with several of them. Some were familiar with the LDS church. One couple raved at the beauty of the temple in the Midlands of England.

You can check to see if you made it on the refridgerator door! We sure have a lot of cute grandchildren. I don't know what happened to their parents???
We are still buying fruit and veggies every day. We also walk A LOT! We are starting to feel like health nuts!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Journey to Visit Members on the Windward Side of the Island

Goat and Sheep Herd - They are led to grass and staked with ropes to graze all day. They are then brought in for the night for protection and to prevent theft. We see people leading them with ropes attached to collars many times every day. No, we haven't eaten any sheep or goat....yet. If you can eat iguana, goat and sheep shouldn't be too bad! :)
Sister Brown with her daughter Alisha. She is in our "Teaching, No Greater Call" Sunday School class. She and Elmore, her husband both have very strong testimonies and really love the Church. He was very involved in helping build all of the chicken coops for the Food Inititaive.
Her chickens are laying eggs and she is selling them. She has also bought some more chicks to continue the project. That is the way it is supposed to work! 
Grandma Kathy with the Browns.
On the way to Georgetown...couldn't resist stopping! Breath taking beauty everywhere! Yes, I am talking about Grandma Kathy! :)
Sister Samuels, another sweet branch member. Wonderful sister with strong testimony.  Lived in England about 35 years and moved back to St. Vincent, where she was born. Had a wonderful fish dinner with her.
Men making charcoal in "pit kilns". They put the wood in a pit with leaves over it, start a fire and then carefully cover it with dirt and let it "smolder" for about two weeks. They uncover it, cool it, and then break it into small pieces and sell it to their neighbors, who then cook with it.
The finished product.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New, Great Experiences "around every corner"!

Waiting in the St. Vincent airport to fly to Barbados for Zone Conference. Great experience! Brother Anderson of the Seventy, the Area President and his wife spent the day us, 36 missionaries. Sister Bird and I also had breakfast with them and the mission president, President Mehr and his wife. Very good experience. They are humble, dedicated couples.
Francine's baptism in the ocean...what a neat experience. She is nine years old. Her mother had not been to church since Francine was blessed. She decided she really needed Heavenly Father and the Savior in her life again. The missionaries taught the family and they are attending church and are experiencing peace in their lives again.Yes, I am in the water as a witness to the ordinance. Great privilege! Sometimes getting wet is ok!
Members of the Calliaqua Branch with the missionaries at Francine's Baptism.
Isn't this "beautiful"! These sweet people are so easy to love and "wow"... do they give love in return!

Two More Weeks - Time is Flying By

P-Day at beach below our apartment. Sister Bird got her feet wet...but I didn't!
"The Magnificant Ten" Missionaries of St. Vincent
P-Day Picnic (Kentucky Fried Chicken is good...tastes like chicken!)
The McDowold family with one of their chickens from the Food Initiative. They are selling eggs now, which was one of the goals of the project. Reoneke insisted on holding my scriptures. Yes, the chicken survived and so did my scriptures.
The litte kids are really cute and sassy just like our grandchildren!
Yes, Reoneke still has my scriptures.