Wednesday, November 28, 2012

80+ Degrees...It doesn't seem like Christmas!

I am having a great conversation with Peter who is "hanging out" in this old truck which is dangling dangerously on the edge of a VERY STEEP hill. He said he enjoys the cool breezes and the view from his perch. He also has an Ipod and is listening to music. He said he does go to church. He invited me to have a seat next to him. I politely said, "No Thanks"! He invited us to drop by and visit him again. :)

Notice which side of the road we are driving on. Piece of Cake! We gas up at the Shell station on the left. The airport is the green building on the right. We flew out of here to Barbados three weeks ago and will be flying to Trinidad in January for Couples Conference.
Very large cruise port for 12 hours. 4000 people from Great Britian are cruising the streets of Kingstown. We visited with several of them. Some were familiar with the LDS church. One couple raved at the beauty of the temple in the Midlands of England.

You can check to see if you made it on the refridgerator door! We sure have a lot of cute grandchildren. I don't know what happened to their parents???
We are still buying fruit and veggies every day. We also walk A LOT! We are starting to feel like health nuts!

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