Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 Elder Wilson - Finding "Lost Sheep"
 Real flower bouquet of lilies. They don't smell but they sure are beautiful!
Men building a fruit stand along the road. Yes this is a grass thatched construction at it's best. The fresh, sweet bananas cost 8 cents a piece. The fruit is all tree and vine ripened and tastes amazing.
We are eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and we are walking a lot. I have lost 10 lbs without trying hard. I have calculated that if I lose 10 lbs a month for our entire mission...23 months...I will weigh -10 lbs when I get home!


  1. Can I trade you places? I am wearing a winter coat to work with a long sleeve turtle-neck sweater. I spend Saturdays grading papers while you are eating iguana and getting red lilies. Tell Brent to not get too attached to the machete--pliers or not machetes cannot fly home with you. However, he does look like he's used one all his life....he would have been good a pirating.

  2. Sis, I think that thing on Elder Wilson's shoulder is called a goat--not a sheep.