Monday, October 15, 2012

Glimpses of the work in St. Vincent

Calliqua Chapel -There are usually three cars in the parking lot...the missonary cars. Almost everyone walks to church. Old people, pregnant mamas, little kids...and it is hot and humid and up steep hills!
 Kingstown Chapel
 View from Calliqua Chapel - From the front rows of the chapel, you can see only the boats and water and the island of Bequea in the distance. Guess where I sit?  :)
 We took Rashon and Leston to the airport. They were leaving for their missions. Makes three missionaries from one little branch! Grandma said this was her first picture, ever!
Is this wonderfully amazing or what? Great young men with strong testimonies. The strong members are amazing Book of Mormon scholars. These Elders have worked side by side with the missionaries on splits and a mini-mission for almost two years! They are ready to serve! We are with the missionaries a lot visiting members and participating in discussions with investigators. What wonderful experiences. We miss and love you. Elder and Sister Bird  p.s. We are working hard everyday and we are not on a vacation as it may appear. We promise!


  1. Oh my goodness! I want to go on your mission! What an opportunity! Maybe Ben and the boys and I'll figure out how to come visit--and bring my mom.
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    Password: friend11

    Love Jenna

  2. I served in St. Vincent (West Indies Mission 87-89), and it's amazing to see the growth that has taken place over the years. I was one of the first missionaries to attend the church building (Fort Mormon as it was refereed to then). It's great to see the Missionaries coming out of the branch. When the chapel was first built, it was truly a landmark at the time; always a photographic destination.
    My wife and I were lucky enough to go back in 1992 for our honeymoon (stayed at Wallilabou). What a beautiful island, with amazing people and members!

    Rick Banovich