Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two Weeks Since Last Posting...A few Pics Say A Lot!!!

A truck load of bananas

Elmore and Jasmine Brown Wedding
Big day for two really nice people. 

Aren't They Pretty!

Sister Cato and Sister Bird

Keisha and Nadine with their children at the wedding.
In Trinidad for Senior Couple's Conference. Tour boat to bird sanctuary.

Snake coiled up in a tree...a yellow boa constrictor.

Hundreds of Scarlet Ibises. They are the most brilliant red birds. The trees looked like they were decorated with Poinsettias.

Fisherman at Indian Bay showing us the fish in his bucket.

Results of playing "Wink, Wink, Murder! YSA New Year's Party. Served pancake breakfast at Midnight.

Down hill barrel rolling! All they wanted for Christmas was an empty barrel.
The barrels come in on the ships at Christmas full of presents from relatives in the US.

End of the ride! He got bounced around pretty good!  :)

View while we were waiting for fishermen to come in with the "catch for the day".

Still waiting for the boats. Men behind are repairing nets.

1st boat!

We bought 10 lbs of King Fish and Blem. You buy the fish from the fishermen and then you pay another man to clean and filet the fish and then you pay another man for a plastic sack to take the fish home in. The wonderful fresh fish costs about$3.50 a pound US currency.

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  1. A wedding! Did you miss the wedding box??? I'm still thinking you are on one very long vacation.