Saturday, December 1, 2012

To Biabou and Georgetown to Teach Investigators and Visit Members

Lunch at our favorite "Chicken and Bake" restaurant in Stubbs on the way north.
"Here We Go Round The Mullberry Bush"
Sister Samuel and Tintin. Tintin's husband, Herman, is a pastor of a church in Georgetown. They used to live in England. They have a small restaurant in which they sell "fish and chips" British style. They were very good! They also make a "local fruit juice" that is "heavenly"! The ladies are picking mullberries from a mullberry tree. They look a lot like rasberries and are delicious. They are one of the fruits in the "local fruit juice". They actually call it "local fruit juice". There are different kinds all over the island.
We shopped hard to find this Christmas tree and decorations. People don't do much for Christmas here. They do "Nine Mornings" which involves the nine days before Christmas. It begins at 5:00 a.m. downtown. They have a different celebration every morning. Our neighbor Erroll wants us to go with him. We probably will! The big thing for Christmas is to hang up new curtains and clean! Seriously!
Brent is at the top of the stairs about 200 feet up a "gap". He is helping Sister Edwards and Sister Trumphet. He almost stepped on a lizard coming down with them.
Demarie, baby Hannah and Henderson
Henderson works as a security guard at the medical school by our home. We see him often at 6 a.m. on our morning walks. He is very friendly. He asked us to go to Biabou, which about 30 minutes north on the "windward" side of the island, to meet his wife and baby. We went and they invited us back. When we went into their home today, he brought out a Book of Mormon that he said was given to them by Elder and Sister Henderson. He spoke highly of them. He said that he was involved with the LDS Church in Grenada. He had some questions that led into a very sweet gospel discussion. The spirit was so very strong. They accepted our challenges to pray and read scriptures together. We were invited back next Friday!

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