Monday, December 10, 2012

Opossoms and Clipper Ship

It is now Opossom hunting and eating season!
 Dinner anyone? I think NOT!
They don't call them opossoms here - they call them Manicou!
This man was selling them for $25 EC (about $8.50). We could have negotiated for $15, but we were not anxious to eat one. We talked to several branch members who say they are "very good indeed".
 They cook them with "coconut dumplins"! Yummmm or Yukkkkkkk! It appears they are closely related to rats!

A beautiful Clipper ship sailed into the harbor! I couldn't drag Brent away! He wanted to take it home! It is from Star Clipper Cruises, you can look it up on line! It only costs between $5,000 to $10,000 per person for a week long cruise.

Assie Small, isn't she beautiful! She is a sister of the heart and I
would do anything for her! She was an orphan on the streets at 8 years old.
Joined the Church at 14 and went on a mission to Canada.
She has 5 children (4 to 14). Sews without patterns... just looks at you and your shape and creates. She is an amazingly wonderful person and forever friend. She is so intelligent and loving. She carries herself with amazing grace and dignity. I love her.

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