Sunday, February 3, 2013

The ground hog always sees his shadow here!

 Brent catching grapefruit as President Young throws it down from the tree. 
One day Sister and President Young picked 1100 grapefruit, hauled them to market, and the man said he would pay them later after he sold them. You can guess the rest of the story----never saw the money!
 We are walking up, up, up hills! It is ALWAYS UP!
 Ameea with a puppy. The puppies are cute but they sure grow-up to be ugly, flea bit dogs.
 We went back to Biabou fish market. They had bonita tuna and the meat is maroon red. It is good!
Nila, Seneka, and Ameea: three little girls in my Primary class. Are they just adorable!!!


  1. Hey sis, the hills may be going up, but looks like the hips are going down! sounds like you are becoming an islander---the wayward side of the what direction-----turning right or left? Love your primary class.

  2. Those grapefruit look delicious