Saturday, September 8, 2012


Saturday, September 9...leaving home.    We will miss you!  Love you all!


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    1. We arrived in ST. Vincent yesterday, September 19th. Very beautiful. Very different. We hit the ground with many things that needed to be done. Missionary Visas, meeting branch presidents and members, moving in. Wow! We were surprised that there was so much to do immediately. We were able to have a little time to unpack and set up house keeping today. Our internet was hooked up today so we can skype now. Great! We love you.

      p.s. We are driving on the wrong side of the road and it is pretty easy. We do keep laughing and saying "what are we doing here". Life is good!

  2. Sis,you're killing me! I signed up for Facebook--because you told me to---and now I have over 50 people wanting to be my friend--I didn't know I had 50 friends!Now I have to unfriend them so I can get to your Facebook page. I'm sooooooo glad you confirmed you are not vacationing; it LOOKS like you are vacationing. Iguana will NEVER taste like chicken; just like rattlesnake will never taste like chicken--when you were first learning to cook, I wondered if you knew what chicken tasted like.

    When I first saw the picture of the chapel and the view I was wondering how people concentrate on the meeting. I know I would be looking out the window............we must be sisters--you are looking out the window too! Loving you.